Ingester Library

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A library for adding new science data products to an observatory control system’s science archive. The library handles uploading FITS files into AWS S3, as well as adding records to the science archive’s database containing the searchable metadata of all available FITS files.


Optional prerequisites may be skipped for reduced functionality.

  • Python >= 3.6

  • A running science archive

  • Write access to the same S3 bucket that the running science archive is using

  • (Optional) A running OpenTSDB for metrics collection


It is highly recommended that you install and run your python code inside a dedicated python virtual environment.

Add the ocs_ingester package to your python environment:

(venv) $ pip install ocs_ingester


AWS and science archive credentials must be set in order to upload data. Science archive configuration as well as the AWS Bucket can be either passed explicitly or set as environment variables. The rest of the configuration must be set as environment variables.

Environment Variables

Variable Description Default
Science Archive API_ROOT Science Archive URL "http://localhost:8000/"
AUTH_TOKEN Science Archive Authentication Token. This token must be associated with an admin user. empty string
AWS BUCKET AWS S3 Bucket Name ingestertest
AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID AWS Access Key with write access to the S3 bucket empty string
AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY AWS Secret Access Key empty string
AWS_DEFAULT_REGION AWS S3 Default Region empty string
Metrics OPENTSDB_HOSTNAME OpenTSDB Host to send metrics to empty string
OPENTSDB_PYTHON_METRICS_TEST_MODE Set to any value to turn off metrics collection False
INGESTER_PROCESS_NAME A tag set with the collected metrics to identify where the metrics are coming from ingester
SUBMIT_METRICS_ASYNCHRONOUSLY Optionally submit metrics asynchronously. This option does not apply when the command line entrypoint is used, in which case metrics are always submitted synchronously. Note that some metrics may be lost when submitted asynchronously. False

For Developers

Running the Tests

After cloning this project, from the project root and inside your virtual environment:

(venv) $ pip install -e .[tests]
(venv) $ pytest